Join us on the evening of Thursday, May 6 for our online book club with Robert Webb, number one bestselling author of How Not To Be a Boy and star of Peep Show in conversation with Sathnam Sanghera, columnist The Times. Robert will be discussing his debut novel Come Again which tells the story of first love, second time lucky. All hell has broken loose in Kate Marsden’s life. Her husband has died, she’s lost her job and now she’s pushed the last of her friends away. Then one day, she wakes up in the wrong body – and the wrong year. She’s eighteen again and it’s her first day of university. Which means today’s the day she’ll meet Luke, her future husband, for the first time. If they can fall in love again, Kate might just be able to save him a second time around. “Part adventure, part love story, part comedy, part dissertation on bereavement…a breathtakingly insightful evocation of grief” – The Sunday Times.