Join award-winning LBC broadcaster and voice of reason James O’Brien as he talks to writer Sathnam Sanghera to celebrate the paperback publication of HOW NOT TO BE WRONG. James’s previous bestselling book, HOW TO BE RIGHT, explored how to make your arguments heard. In HOW NOT TO BE WRONG, James explores how to change your mind, and how winning arguments doesn’t necessarily mean you’re right. Examining his personal beliefs on everything from racial prejudice to showing emotions, from fat-shaming to tattoos, James delves deeper into the real reasons behind his opinions. In this intimate and entertaining conversation, he will discuss the process of writing the book, and the lessons he learned about himself whilst doing so, as well as discussing his career more widely. You’ll also have the chance to put your own questions to James. Don’t miss your chance to hear from one of Britain’s most incisive, witty and necessary voices in a captivating and thought-provoking conversation before you read his new book. This event will be hosted via Zoom webinar. You will be sent your personal link to login 48 hours before the event. This event takes place on paperback publication day, so if you purchase a book with your ticket, you will receive your copy of the book in the 10 days after the event.